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Clear your browsing history from Firefox for privacy and security

Posted by TechGeek on July 27, 2011

If you are browsing the Internet from cyber cafe or using someone else’s computer for surfing, you may want clear your browsing history for security and privacy purpose. You may also wants to clear your visited websites, search data or individual cookies from the browser so that nobody can steal your personal data. This is really important security and privacy option provided by all browsers.

Every browser stores history of websites you visited, the data you entered into website forms or cookies for individual websites. This means most of the data like search strings, usernames, personal information details are stored in the browser and someone can identify personal information about you if the computer is public. Every browser has different settings to privacy options. This article will talk on Firefox browser from Mozilla.

If you are using Firefox, go to the “Options” from “Tools” menu. Click on the “Privacy” tab from the options menu.

After you finish your browsing, go to the above settings and click on the “clear your recent history” link. Select the only time range that you were browsing the Internet to avoid deleting others settings or preferences. Firefox allows you to delete any data from last few hours to everything from the browser. Firefox allows you to download following data from the browser,

1)      Browsing & Downloading history

2)      Form & Search History

3)      Cookies

4)      Cache

5)      Active Logins

6)      Site Preferences

Select everything from the above list and click on “Clear Now” button to clear the history. Firefox will automatically delete your browsed sites and data you entered from the browser. This way you can keep your browsing secret from others.

This will also delete your login cookies for all websites which store your login session open in case you forgot to get logged out. We recommend clearing your browsing history every time you use the computer. Firefox also has “remember” or “never remember history” settings to apply.


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