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Use Gmail using easy keyboard shortcuts

Posted by TechGeek on August 9, 2011

Many of us are not aware of this, but Gmail provides keyboard shortcuts to access emails. Keyboard shortcuts help you save time by allowing you to never take your hands off the keyboard. With simple shortcuts, you can easily work on your Gmail without the need of mouse. Those shortcuts are very easy to remember too. If you spend most of the time on Gmail, you should enable keyboard shortcuts right away to save the time.

To turn keyboard shortcuts on and off,

1)      Go to the “Mail settings” of your Gmail account.

2)      Under General tab, look for Keyboard shortcuts.

3)      To enable, select Keyboard shortcuts on and to disable, select Keyboard shortcuts off.

You can find all the list of shortcuts on the support page or press “?” to display the keyboard shortcuts help menu within any page you’re on. Here is another screenshot for shortcuts keys,

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts menu

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts menu


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Make or receive multiple calls in Gmail – a new feature

Posted by TechGeek on July 21, 2011

On 20 July 2011, Gmail team announced their new feature which will allow you to make or receive multiple calls in Gmail. This means you can able to call another phone even if you are already on different call. To explain it further, if you are in a one call and wants to make a second call then your first call will be put on hold until you finish the other call. You can then switch between calls by pressing the “Resume” button on the call.

This new feature also allows you to put your active call on hold, in case you need to grab a coffee or tea. Press “Hold” button to put your call on hold and then once you grab your coffee, just press “Resume” to start talking. Cool right? If you want to send or receive text SMS as a chat, you can read it here.

As per Gmail’s official blog, the only restriction using this service is that a maximum of two outgoing calls to physical phones can be placed at once. Remember, Google’s Gmail is currently offering free calls through 2011 for anyone using the service.

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How to send and receive free texts SMS using Gmail

Posted by TechGeek on July 18, 2011

Do you know Gmail can send free SMS to your friends on their phones? Yes, you heard right. Using Gmail you can now send text SMS to any of your friends in US and few other countries around the world at no cost. Gmail SMS is actually a part of Google’s SMS applications. If your friend replies back to your SMS then Gmail will display it as a regular chat reply.

If you have Gmail account then enable SMS (text messaging) in Chat feature provided by Gmail and start enjoying this free service today. Believe me, many people will find it as useful because there is no need to type or write from small keyboard on your cell phone. You can use your pc or laptop’s keyboard which will be very convenient to type. Even it will save your lot of time like if you want to send some information available on the Internet, just copy and paste it in the chat window.

Gmail allows you send 50 maximum messages and quota will be increased if your friend replies back to you. To enable this feature follow these steps,

1) Log into your Gmail account. Click on the “Mail Settings” from top
right corner of your Gmail account.

2) The Settings window will appear. Click on the “Labs” link from the menu as
highlighted in the below image,

3)       Scroll down on the Labs page until you find “SMS (text messaging) in Chat” as shown below,

4)      There is another gadget called “SMS in Chat gadget” right below ‘SMS (text messaging) in Chat”. Select Enable button for both of them to enable SMS chat in your Gmail.

5)      Click on the “Save Changes” button located below. You can now able    
to see new SMS gadget right above your Gmail chat window located at
the left side of your email.

6)      Enter your friend’s phone number or name of the Person. Hit enter and
you will prompted with another box.

7)      Enter other information like phone number, name. Select country
of residence and click on save button. After you clicks on Save button,
new chat window will appear like,
8)      Enter any text message and hit enter. The SMS will be sent to
your friend’s phone.


Currently, Gmail supports limited number of countries and limited operators in the country. For US, everything is supported including operators.


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