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LinkedIn may use your username and photo with social advertising

Posted by TechGeek on August 3, 2011

If you are on LinkedIn professional social network, then you should be aware of social advertising privacy policy. LinkedIn may use your name or photo in social advertising. This is not good as per security and privacy concern and you should disable this as soon as possible.

LinkedIn says “LinkedIn may sometimes pair an advertiser’s message with social content from LinkedIn’s network in order to make the ad more relevant. When LinkedIn members recommend people and services, follow companies, or take other actions, their name/photo may show up in related ads shown to you. Conversely, when you take these actions on LinkedIn, your name/photo may show up in related ads shown to LinkedIn members. By providing social context, we make it easy for our members to learn about products and services that the LinkedIn network is interacting with.”

As per LinkedIn, over 100 million professional use it which also means the risk of spreading over 100 million usernames and photos. By default, this is enabled which means your name or photo can be used in social advertising without your knowledge. This is not a good point from LinkedIn who wants to keep users privacy.

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To disable or deselect this,

1)      Go to settings page under your name located at the top right corner of LinkedIn page.

2)      Click on the Account tab located below left side menu.

3)      Click on “Manage Social Advertising” link under privacy controls menu.

4)      Uncheck the box besides text “LinkedIn may use my name, photo in social advertising.”

Generally, most of the social networking websites does not share user’s information with third party sites or advertising websites. This is first time I am seeing LinkedIn uses username and photo with social advertising. If you have any question, please comment below. Share this article to your friends and family.

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