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Setting up Privacy settings for Skype

Posted by TechGeek on August 1, 2011

Skype is software which allows you to make voice and video calls over the Internet. It also works as an online chat messenger where you can chat or make calls with your friends. You can even share your computer screen over the call which makes it my favorite software. It is free software and allows you to call Skype to Skype or one-to-one video calls for free. You can download your free copy from their website located here.

As this software allows you make voice and video calls with screen sharing option, privacy setting are important. To set your privacy settings, go to “Options” from “Tools” menu from your Skype window.

Let’s set each privacy settings from the above image.

Allow calls from:

You can set this option to “people in my Contact list only” if you don’t want to receive calls from unknowns. Unless it is not in your contact list, there is no need to receive calls from strangers.

Automatically receive video and screen sharing from

In this setting, you can control your computer screen sharing. You should only share your screen with people in your contact list as you are sharing your personal data.

Show that I have video to

It’s good to show that you have video so that people can do video calls with you rather than only voice calls. Most of times video calls are great as it feels if you are talking face to face.

Allow IMs from

Why to receive chats from unknown people. They can send weird chats or even malicious links through chat. So you should set this option to “people in my Contact list only”.

Keep history for

Why you need to keep your traces? You should not keep your history for security and privacy concern. If your account gets hacked or someone else gets access, one can use this history to steal your personal information you shared with people in the past. I will recommend selecting “never” for storing history.

There are other 3 privacy settings one can choose,

1)      Allow my online status to be shown on the web: Depending upon, you can either select or deselect this option

2)      Accept Skype browser cookies: The cookies are ideally used for identifying logged in user. So there is no harm in accepting this option.

3)      Allow Skype to used non-personally identifiable information about me when serving third party ads: I will not select this option. Why should I share any information even if it is not personal?

Set up your own privacy settings mentioned above and secure your security and security concerns over the Internet.


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How to create or print your documents into PDF files using CutePDF

Posted by TechGeek on July 4, 2011

Many times, we require creating our own documents into PDF files. You may wants to print your favorite tutorials, blogs, or some information webpage from the website to PDF documents rather than printing it on papers. It is very easy to store and read PDF files rather than printed pages. I generally use free CutePDF software developed by Acro Software.

CutePDF is very easy to use and allows you to convert documents capable of printing to PDF files. It will install as a virtual printer on your computer and will be available under list of printers when you give print command. The CutePDF works on Windows with support from Windows 98 to Windows7. It also requires PS2PDF converter such as Ghostscript which you can download here. CutePDF will automatically install that converter for you. Here are the steps to install and use it,

1)      Download CuteWriter software from their website.

2)      Simply install it. You have to click next button everytime.

3)      Create any document using notepad or Office document.

4)      Select Print command from File menu or simple press CTRL + P.

5)      Select CutePDF Writer as a printer from drop-down menu.

6)      Click OK to print. CutePDF Writer will convert your document into PDF format. It will ask you to save your PDF file.

7)      Give any file name of your choice and save it.

CutePDF is very simple and easy to use. If you want to save any website page as PDF file, then just click CTRL + P on that webpage and select printer as a CutePDF Writer and print it as a PDF file. Save papers and environment.

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How to remove malware using Malwarebytes

Posted by TechGeek on July 1, 2011

Malware is a malicious program intended to damage your computer systems. Malware can crash your operating system; can steal your personal data such as credit card information, Bank login information etc. Your system gets infected with malware when you visit malicious websites accidentally. Having only one Antivirus is not an ultimate solution for your computer security. Everyday, new malware are created by attackers. An antivirus vendor releases virus signatures after they get access to those new malware. So there is 100% chance that your Antivirus will miss new malware and your system will gets infected.

I often talks about having a multiple protection on your system to protect from new malware. Here is another Anti-malware called “Malwarebytess” can be used as an additional protection. You can download this software from their official site here. Malwarebytes advanced technology protects your system from the constantly-evolving threats that malware poses. It is very good software that can be used along with your Antivirus. It comes with free version and paid version as well. It will not only scan your system for malware but also it will block malicious websites for you. Once installed you can do full system scan for malware.

Run your scan and check for malware on your system. You can check quarantined items for malware detected,

Malwarebytes is a definitely good additional protection to stay away from malware and malicious website. If you have any questions related to Malwarebytes, please leave a comment to answer.

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Best free Antivirus for windows users

Posted by TechGeek on June 21, 2011

Internet means surfing million’s of websites, billion’s of webpage’s. Everything from surfing the website to shopping is done on the internet today. People often visit their favorite websites, blogs daily. But as the internet is growing rapidly, risk of threat to the computers is also growing. Attackers are targeting end user by silently downloading viruses, malware, Trojan etc. The threat can be very dangerous to the end user and can be in the form of downloading malicious files onto the system to stealing your sensitive information like credit card details.

A person visiting website doesn’t know what’s actually happening behind and sometimes they accidentally visit infected websites. The virus then gets downloaded automatically without the user knowledge. If you don’t have any good Antivirus then it can create a risk for you.

There are plenty of good antiviruses available to buy on the internet. If you can’t buy due to cost then you have plenty of other free antiviruses as well. So which one is the best free Antivirus for windows?

In our opinion, AVG free antivirus is very good for windows users. It is completely free antivirus software available and used by millions of people. AVG free comes with plenty of different features like Anti-Spyware, LinkScanner, E-mail Scanner etc. Here is how AVG free GUI looks like,

The AVG certainly blocks very good viruses being downloaded on the system. It comes with E-mail Scanner as well which is also a plus point. AVG free is very easy to install and use. It will automatically update the latest virus definitions from their server to keep you safe from new viruses.

The best part of this free edition is their LinkScanner technology. AVG LinkScanner checks every webpage in real time for malicious content before the webpage even opens. So even if you’re surfing the good or bad website, AVG will take care of most of malicious things. We recommend trying out AVG free edition to stay away from viruses. Even if you think it is not the best antivirus compared to other popular ones, remember it is free antivirus which comes with many more features which are also absolutely free. Here is the AVG free link to download the software.

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