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Hide your phone numbers from other Facebook users

Posted by TechGeek on August 17, 2011

Are you sharing your phone numbers on Facebook? Facebook allows you to store phone numbers such as work, home or mobile on your profile. The phone numbers you shared can be visible to friends or everyone on Facebook. This means your friends can see your phone number if they wants to do a voice call. Remember, not everyone on the Facebook friends lists is your genuine friend and you exposes a risk of personal information theft. Most of the time, you don’t want XYZ friend to see your phone number or call on your.

By default, Facebook shares your phone numbers with your friends and allow you to share with everyone with privacy settings. If you share your phone number with everyone on Facebook, you will be at greater risk. Your phone number can be abused by strangers. By saving your phone number to Facebook also reveals a risk of identity theft in the case of a hacked account. I recommend not to share contact information such as phone numbers on Facebook for the first time. If the person wants to know your phone number or make a phone call, let them send an e-mail or message asking for your mobile phone. If you have stored phone numbers on Facebook and want to hide it from public,

1)      Login into the Facebook with username and password.

2)      Go to the Privacy Settings from Account menu located at the top right corner of your Facebook page.

3)      Click on Customize Settings under your Custom or Recommended settings window.

4)      Your phone numbers such as work, home or mobile are located under Contact Information menu.

5)      Select appropriate group from the drop down menu besides your phone numbers such as everyone, friends or custom.

6)      Never share your phone number with everyone.

7)      I will recommend not sharing your phone number even with your friends on Facebook. To do this, click on Customize from the drop down menu. Facebook Hide Phone8)      Select Make this visible to Only Me. Now, your number will not be visible to anyone on Facebook.

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Block Facebook application invites from your friends

Posted by TechGeek on August 10, 2011

Most people on Facebook tired of getting applications invites from their friends. Sometimes, your friends invite you to join the new applications they think is cool. If it is rear request from your friend, you may want to try it out the suggested application but, it may hurt you when you see couple of new requests everyday from your same friend about different applications. It’s a bit odd to log on to Facebook and see flood of application requests from your friend. You can’t tell them not to send requests and remove them from your friend lists.

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If you are tired of this and want to avoid any future application requests without disconnecting from selected friends, Facebook can do it for you. To block,

1)      If you receive any application request, just go to Privacy Preferences from Account menu of your Facebook page.

2)      You will see Block Lists menu at the bottom of Privacy Preferences.

3)      Click on Edit your lists of blocked people and apps.

4)      Enter the name of friend under “Block app invites” menu.

5)      Once you block app invites from someone, you’ll automatically ignore future app requests from that friend.

This way you can block all application requests from friends without deleting them from your list of friends. You can also block your friends from the Facebook page without having to open your privacy settings. To block invites from a specific friend, click the “Ignore All Invites From This Friend” link under your latest request.

In the future, if you see your friend becomes a serious and only sends useful application, you can unblock him/her from the same settings. Follow the same steps 1-3 and you will see list of blocked friends from whom you doesn’t want to get application invites. Select any one of your friend to unblock and your friend can then send requests for applications in the future.

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How to upload videos from iPod or iPhone to YouTube

Posted by TechGeek on August 10, 2011

Have your recorded something on your iPod or iPhone that you want to share on YouTube? It is very easy. You can upload any video or recording on YouTube directly from your iPod touch or iPhone. You have 2 options to upload a video on YouTube by email or direct upload. But, what is email upload? YouTube provides you a unique YouTube address where you can email the videos.Videos sent to this address will be uploaded to your account. If you don’t have a YouTube account, you need to create one to get your unique email address.

Instant email uploads:

1)      Have your YouTube email and password ready and login into YouTube.

2)      Go to Settings menu located under your YouTube name at the top right corner.

3)      Click on Mobile Setup located in the left side menu under Account settings. YouTube will generate your own unique YouTube address like,

YouTube unique address

YouTube unique address

4)      Copy your own email address and save it in your contacts like “YouTube Email”.

5)      Go to your video on your iPod or iPhone, and then on the bottom left corner, there is a square and an arrow pointing right. Tap on it.

6)      Tap on Email Video.

7)      Add saved YouTube email address in “To” field of the email. Add subject line if you needed.

8)      Tap on Send button located in the top right corner.

9)      Your video will get uploaded on YouTube under your channel immediately.

10)   Log into your YouTube account to update information about the mobile video you uploaded – add a title, description, tags and set your privacy settings.

Direct upload:

1)      Have your YouTube email and password ready and login into YouTube.

2)      Go to your video on your iPod or iPhone, and then on the bottom left corner, there is a square and an arrow pointing right. Tap on it.

3)      Tap on Send to YouTube.

4)      Enter your YouTube username and password if asked.

5)      Enter Title, Description, Tags and Category information. You can also select privacy settings directly from your iPod or iPhone.

6)      Tap on Publish button located at the top right corner to publish it to your YouTube account.

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Hide your Google+ profile from search engines

Posted by TechGeek on August 8, 2011

Google+ is yet another form of social networking project which allows you to connect and share with your friends and family. By default, your profile will appear in Google search results. This means everyone on the web can able to search or see your profile information through search engine. This may expose a risk to your personal information being leaked to everyone. If you don’t want your profile indexed by any search engine, you can change your profile settings at any time. To change the settings,

1)      Sign into your Google+ profile.

2)      Click on the profile tab located besides Google+ symbol.

3)      Click Edit Profile on the right side.

4)      On the About tab, click the ‘Search visibility’ option.

  • Check the button to Help others find my profile in search results to make your profile visible in search.
  • Uncheck Help others find my profile in search results if you don’t want search engines to index your profile.

5)      Click Save button.

Unchecking the “Search visibility” box will prevent your profile from being indexed by most search engines. However, your profile will still remain visible to anyone with your profile URL. Change your Google+ settings immediately to hide your information being viewed by others on the web.

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