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Fake Facebook application can reveal who deleted you from friends

Posted by TechGeek on September 22, 2011

A new fake application on Facebook has been created by scammers to lure victims in order to earn money using paid surveys. The new Facebook application convince users that using this application you can check if a friend has deleted you. Remember, this is fake application and Facebook does not provide such feature to check if someone has deleted you from their friend list.People often fails to such application which uses titles like “Check if a friend has deleted you” or “Check who have viewed your profile”. Facebook also does not have a feature like Orkut where you can view recent visitors.

For our readers, here is the link to fake application. Do not click on Go to App button from the homepage. Once victim install this application on his/her profile, the application automatically post status message with link to that application on users wallpost which then can be displayed to your friend list. The link used in the message is shortened using services like in order to hide the actual URL.  Here is how status message looks like on user’s wallpost,

Fake Facebook Status

Fake Status

Once victim click on the link in the message, he/she will be asked to share information like basic information and access to post on wall post. Then the application will display a page describing how this application works. Here is the application homepage,

facebook application fake

The application will regularly check your Facebook friends to check whether anyone has removed you from their friends as per the description which is completely unreal. Then the description has link to access the main app. Once victim click on that link, he/she will be redirected to final steps where list of surveys will be displayed.

Victim will need to complete one of the listed surveys in order to complete the final step to reveal friend who deleted you. This is a usual procedure or method used by attackers to earn money from these paid surveys.

Victim will then try to complete some surveys but fails to get a friend who deleted him/her. Many such applications are created by scammers in order to earn money. Remember, no application can reveal any hidden information on Facebook. It is the only Facebook team who will add or support such features.

Do not fall victims to such applications and do not visit or install an application.

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