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Free giveaway custom Twitter t-shirt scam Facebook

Posted by TechGeek on November 11, 2011

We came across another scam on Facebook and this time scammer had created a page on Facebook.  The scammers has targeted Twitter another networking site on Facebook. The scam message was to get a free custom Twitter t-shirt for free. The message used to spread was “Just registered to get my free Custom Twitter Tee free. Last day grab it now. Last day”.

Here is how wallpost looks like,

twitter tee scam

twitter tee scam

Unfortunately, the page is taken down by Facebook and we can’t able to get further information about this scam. But the idea is to convince victim by spreading such free giveaways messages on their wall post. We have seen such different scams on Facebook in the past and we will continue to see such scams in the future as well.

Facebook did a good job on immediately removing the page. The page is not reachable and you will be only redirected to home page of your profile. Remember, not to fall victim for such fake scams.

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