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How to hide your Facebook wall post from others

Posted by TechGeek on October 14, 2011

Many times Facebook user wants to hide their older wall posts from being seen by others. User posts different status messages daily and Facebook store all your older posts on your wall. Based on privacy settings everyone or your friends can see your all wall posts. Sometimes, you don’t want to see older posts because they may be your private ones or they contain material which you posted accidentally and do not suit you.

Everyone or friends can reveal lot of information from your wall posts including your location, likes, dislikes or secret information. Facebook has introduced numerous privacy setting options. You can block access to older posts or limit audience to older wall posts. If you are worried about your privacy and want to hide your all wall posts, you can set your privacy settings right away easily.

1)      Click on the Privacy Settings from the menu located at the top right corner of you profile.

2)      Click on Edit Settings link located in front of “How You Connect” tab.

3)      A new popup box will appear with numerous options like,

Facebook Privacy

Facebook Privacy

4)      Look at the last option “Who can see Wall posts by others on your profile?” Select audience for your wall posts from the menu.

5)      If you want to limit your wall posts to yourself, select “Only Me” option from the menu.

This way you can set your privacy settings to avoid people looking or reading your older wall posts.

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