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Another free Facebook t-shirt scam circulating

Posted by TechGeek on September 8, 2011

A few months back, we blogged about new Apple iPhone 5 free Give away on Facebook scam. Now, yet another fake new Facebook free t-shirt scam is circulating over the popular social network. The fake message with an image of t-shirt is posted on your wallpost once you click on the fake link in the message. The messages used are different and says “Just received a free t-shirt from facebook  it looks great guys…i ordered it from here FAKE LINK” or “WOW!! Got a free facebook T-SHIRT. Unpacking it now . Get it here : FAKE LINK”. The fake link automatically uploads an image file of Facebook t-shirt on your profile and post a status message with the fake message on your wallpost. This message is then displayed to your friends who may fall victim to such scams. Here is the screenshot of such fake scam messages,

Remember this is yet another fake online scam and Facebook team is not giving any free t-shirts. User should not click on such links. Nothing is free in this world. Spread this to your friends and family.

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