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Facebook new sharing tool make your life much easier

Posted by TechGeek on August 29, 2011

Facebook a popular social networking website has always well on user privacy. They have recently made changes to the sharing settings to make it much simpler before a user post a status message.  They have moved certain sharing controls along with privacy controls up front where you post a status message making your privacy settings easier. Now, you can tag your friends, share your current location and can share you update with selected friends only.  All the controls are available up front below status edit box where you post a status message.

Facebook sharing tool

Tag who you are with

Click on the button to add tags of your friends. Once you add your friend, Facebook will create a link to the person’s profile and may share your friends with their friends. You can add tags to anything you post including photos, comments and updates.

Say where you are

You can now add your current location while posting a status update. The location button in the sharing tool lets you add your location to all of your posts after you turn it on. You can also add a specific place, like a restaurant or park, to your posts. This will help your friends to find you in case they are nearby.

Manage privacy

Facebook sharing tool let you choose who can see your status updates using the inline audience selector. You can share your status with friends or make it available for everyone by selecting public. You can also make it customizable by hiding your new status update from few selected friends.

The above are really cool sharing things which Facebook has introduced. Being as a popular social networking site, they are very keen on user privacy and keep them changing time to time. As Facebook is growing, users need to be aware of online privacy issues.

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