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How to stay away from malware and phishing sites

Posted by TechGeek on June 25, 2011

There are millions of websites on the internet which are infected by malware or virus. The attacker injects malicious code inside the legitimate webpage’s. When you browse that infected website you will be redirected to malware site in the background without your knowledge. Later, your system gets infected by malware or virus downloaded from malware site. The short and best way to stay away from malware sites is to either use Google Chrome or Firefox browser. Both browsers have support for Google Safe Browsing service.

Safe Browsing is an automatic service provided by Google that check’s suspected malware or phishing sites. Safe Browsing is updated regularly to protect people from malware or phishing sites. Safe Browsing will provide following things,

1)      It will warn user before going to that site if it is malware or phishing site.

2)      It will warn user if the site contains link to malware site (meaning infected site).

3)      Check a list of pages against Google’s lists of suspected phishing and malware pages.

Here is how Google Chrome alerts for malware site,

Here is how Firefox alerts for malware site,

The Chrome and Firefox blocked malware site and prevented user from going to malware site. You can even check reason for block by clicking on the “Why was this page blocked?” button on Firefox or by clicking “Safe Browsing diagnostic page”.

If you want to check any particular website for malware infection then you can use ‘” link. Just replace with your test site.

In short word, browse sites using Google Chrome or Firefox and stay away from malware and phishing sites.


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