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BBC UK lotodraw scam SMS on mobile

Posted by TechGeek on May 18, 2012

Here is the latest SMS received on the mobile related to BBC UK lotodraw.

BBC UK!:Your MobileNo has Won £500,000 in BBC.Int.LotoDraw, To ClaimPrize Send FullDetail:Name,Add,Country,Sex,Age,Occ,Email,

Last year, we blogged about fake scam promotion on cell phones which lure victim to provide their sensitive and personal information. Mobile users are increasing day by day and that’s where scammers are using mobile platform to promote their fake scams. Many times, people receives fake mobile SMS from scammers mainly related to lottery, money scam etc.

Most of the time SMS contains scammers email address and asks for user’s personal information. The victim who fails to understand motive behind SMS sends his/her personal information to scammer and may loose his/her personal identity or often leads to paying the money to scammer.

Remember to ignore such SMS and do not provide your any personal information over the mobile or email.

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