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BMW company 2012 award promotion scam email

Posted by TechGeek on May 23, 2012

An interesting fake email received with subject line as “CONGRATULATION!!!” with the file attachment. Generally, such fake email contains information about fake promotion, lottery promotion or winning notification in the email body itself but not with this email. This time scammer didn’t add any detailed information into the email body rather contained a bold message line asking to view the attachment. The attachment was nothing but a Microsoft document file with file name “BMW__2012_AWARD_PROMO2012_3.doc”. Here is the screenshot of the email:

We recommend you to never download any attachment from unknown sender. The attached doc file contains the scam message with images and winning notification along with phone number of scammer. Here is the screenshot of the message:

Interestingly, the scammer has put this usual email subject in the doc file instead of in email body. This may be intentionally done by the scammer to avoid the email being detected as a spam by email vendors. The message says that you have won a brand BMW car worth of GBP 22,500. Also along with winning car, you have also won some additional benefits shown in below message:

Then scam message asks for your personal information to be sent over the email provided.

Look at the above information, the message asks your bank details. This is really scary if someone accidentally sends the bank details to the scammer. Lastly, scammer provides his/her own information like name, phone and email:

Interesting to see that scammers are sending scam messages inside the document file and not in the email body. This scam is more dangerous as it uses brand name like BMW and asks for your bank account details.

Never share any details over the phone or email.

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