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How to create or print your documents into PDF files using CutePDF

Posted by TechGeek on July 4, 2011

Many times, we require creating our own documents into PDF files. You may wants to print your favorite tutorials, blogs, or some information webpage from the website to PDF documents rather than printing it on papers. It is very easy to store and read PDF files rather than printed pages. I generally use free CutePDF software developed by Acro Software.

CutePDF is very easy to use and allows you to convert documents capable of printing to PDF files. It will install as a virtual printer on your computer and will be available under list of printers when you give print command. The CutePDF works on Windows with support from Windows 98 to Windows7. It also requires PS2PDF converter such as Ghostscript which you can download here. CutePDF will automatically install that converter for you. Here are the steps to install and use it,

1)      Download CuteWriter software from their website.

2)      Simply install it. You have to click next button everytime.

3)      Create any document using notepad or Office document.

4)      Select Print command from File menu or simple press CTRL + P.

5)      Select CutePDF Writer as a printer from drop-down menu.

6)      Click OK to print. CutePDF Writer will convert your document into PDF format. It will ask you to save your PDF file.

7)      Give any file name of your choice and save it.

CutePDF is very simple and easy to use. If you want to save any website page as PDF file, then just click CTRL + P on that webpage and select printer as a CutePDF Writer and print it as a PDF file. Save papers and environment.

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