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How to protect from Spyware with Windows Defender

Posted by TechGeek on June 28, 2011

Spyware is a kind of computer security threat which when installed collects/steal your personal information. Typically, Spyware hides from the user and can be difficult to detect. Spyware gets downloaded and installed from malicious websites while surfing. Spyware can be bundled with fake or unwanted software as well. If you are using any favorite Antivirus, you can use the Microsoft Windows built in software called “Windows Defender” as an additional security protection. Once you turn on Windows Defender, it will run automatically to scan for Spyware or unwanted software. In short, Windows Defender acts like anti-spyware protecting your computer from Spyware. Here is how you can use it,

1)      Find Windows Defender under control panel or simply type “Windows Defender” in the search box of Windows start button.

2)      Turn ON the Windows Defender if it is OFF.

3)      Click on Check for updates to update your definitions,

4)      Once you installed new updates. Click on the Scan Now button,

5)      Once you click on scan, Windows Defender will quickly scan your computer for Spyware or unwanted software. This is your first time scan so it will be very quick scan.

6)      Once scan is finished, you can see result of the scan.

7)      If you want to change the scan settings, click on Tools menu.

8)      Click on the Options link from the displayed menu.

9)      Now, here you can setup your scanning options. You should select automatically scan my computer. Set the scan type based on your choice. Select all check boxes as they are important. Click on save button to save your settings.

10)   You can able to set advanced settings for scanning emails, removable drives. Click on the advanced button from the left menu of Options window and check/uncheck items from the list to scan.

That’s it. We have now enabled Windows Defender along with our other security protection. Windows Defender will now automatically detect unwanted software from your computer.

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