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Capture iPhone/iPod web traffic using Fiddler proxy

Posted by TechGeek on September 7, 2011

If you have an iPhone or iPod touch and you want to capture web traffic, you can use Fiddler web debugging proxy to easily capture web traffic. Fiddler is a Web Debugging Proxy which logs all HTTP or HTTPs traffic between your computer and the Internet. You can also debug traffic from popular devices like Windows Phone, iPod/iPad, and others. If you have a laptop and wireless connection, using Fiddler as proxy you can capture GET or POST request sent from your iPhone or iPod. To capture HTTP traffic,

1)      Install Fiddler on your computer.

2)      In Fiddler, go to Tools ->  Fiddler Options, click on Connections tab.

3)      Click on Allow remote computers to connect. By default, Fiddler uses port 8888.

4)      Restart Fiddler to take new changes made by you.

5)      Make sure your Firewall allows remote access or disable your Firewall.

6)      On you iPhone/iPod, go to Settings -> Wi-Fi

7)      Click on the blue right button besides your Wi-Fi connection which is active.

8)      On the network settings scroll down to HTTP proxy settings, click on Manual tab.

9)      Enter your HOST (your laptop) IP address and Port as 8888.

10)   Browse your websites from your iPhone or iPod and you can see Fiddler starts capturing HTTP(S) traffic.

Fiddler is very good web debugging proxy and can be handy for devices like iPhone or iPod. You can see HTTP headers, GET or POST request made by any application installed on your device.

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